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Cape Town Weather

Cape Town is infamous for two of its weather systems: the Cape Doctor or summer's South Easter which often reach gale force; and the winter cold fronts that sweep across the peninsula in regular procession, driven by north westerly gales bringing driving rain.
These two systems have a profound effect on the Cape peninsula and have shaped its ecology.

However there are many days in all seasons when the sun shines out of a clear blue sky, when the temperature is warm and balmy; and the wind is a gentle breeze. The weather in the Western Cape is described as having hot dry summers where the average temperature ranges between 21 and 27 degrees C and cold wet winters where the average rainfall varies between 69mm and 93 mm.
These weather systems can be unpredictable and liable to sudden and dramatic change in mood, and it then advisable to be always prepared for these changing conditions. Be aware of the state of the weather, and try to anticipate changes in order that you can plan your response to worsening conditions.

Experience is a valuable though no infallible guide to the vagaries of mountain weather and it is advisable to supplement your practical experience through having a basic knowledge of meteorology and how to obtain and interpret weather information.

In addition to acquire knowledge of local weather conditions and the effect of altitude in the area where you intend to hike. With these factors in mind it is advisable to always carry a hat and warm waterproof clothing at all times, even in mid summer.