Louis Conradie
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073 195 9077

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My wife and I joined CUMhike in December 2008; the main reasons to do more day hikes and to get 10% discount at Cape Union Mart as members of the club! I enjoy the outdoors and to me hiking and camping is an important part of my relaxation. My first long hike was in 1969 as a young school boy. Thereafter many more hikes followed where I organised and led hikes, like the Fanie Botha, Limietberge, Hottentotsholland, Swellendam, Outeniqua, Tsitsikamma, Otter, Fish River Canyons, Sederberge, Groot Winterhoek, Harkerville and others. Besides different types of day and weekend hikes, I like to do backpacking with tents in wilderness areas, like the Cederberge and Groot Winterhoekberge near Porterville. CUM Hike is a club where one can enjoy all the different types of hikes from easy to difficult and from short to long ones, too. The camaraderie and company of people who love the outdoors as much as you do, is something very special. As such I always look forward to the next hike, whether it be a short or longer one. Each one is very special and a great privilege to be part of!