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First Aid And Mountain Rescue

All of our clubs hike leaders hold either a current first aid certificate or have completed a club sponsored refresher training session. This is a guide to the first aid knowledge and techniques required for safe and comfortable hiking. It is intended as an adjunct to proper training in basic first aid, conducted by a suitably qualified instructor. First aid is a practical skill which can only be learned well under supervision and personal instruction. The treatment of an injured person in the wilderness is complicated by the lack of adequate medical supplies and the need to evacuate the injured person. However the aim of the first aider is stabilise the patients condition and so enable a safe evacuation.

It is advisable that all members include a basic first aid kit in their pack at all times that is sufficient to deal with most common emergencies.

The most common emergencies include Blisters, Burns, Fractures, Hypothermia, Shock, Snake, insect and other animal bites and stings, Sprains and Strains, Wounds and other soft tissue injuries.

It is advisable that the following Emergency Contact Numbers are stored in your cellphone:

  • Metro Emergency 10177

  • Mountain Rescue 021 9489900

  • National Parks 24hr Emergency 0861106417 - 021 9574700

  • National Sea Rescue 021 4493500

  • Poison Center 021 931 6129